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Endorsements for Ingrid Collins  for the WinTrade Awards 2019


Léon Templar

2019-03-21 01:01

One of the most amazing and inspirational women I have ever met or hat the privilege of working. I love her beautiful energy and humility


Myriam Martinez

2019-03-21 01:30

Because I have met Ingrid for longer than 25 years and she simply Lives what she teaches. She is to me the examplery Woman in all sences. I have been her pupil and her friend. She deserves my Respect. Ingrid is kind, authentic a happy soul and still her humility makes me bow at her.


Dale Collins

2019-03-21 03:42

Ingrid Collins is smart, considerate, interested, caring and professional. She instills confidence and acceptance in everyone she helps. A truly special woman.


Karen Pedley

2019-03-21 03:48

She has a beautiful soul that reaches out to people.


Marina Akopian

2019-03-21 05:28

Absolutely. Ingrid Collins is the most amazing healing professional with a real gift. She goes beyond the call of duty and looks after her patients like a family. If anyone deserves an award, it is Ingrid Collins. I thank my lucky stars that I met her and I recommend her to all my friends in need.


Erik Halley

2019-03-21 06:19

She's my guardian angel for many years, her only presence is healing you from any matters, both physical and spiritual. A true blessing


Vivienne Mitchinson

2019-03-21 06:55

Ingrid is so inspirational and hugely supportive towards others.


Voula Greenfield

2019-03-21 06:59

Ingrid is a dedicated practitioner and a gifted teacher. She embraces traditional practices in her field, combining with them new practices and ideas, staying open minded in her approach. She is a truly inspirational woman.


Laurent Bayard

2019-03-21 07:00

The best !


James lakeland

2019-03-21 07:14

Ingrid has managed to help me in the complex road to recovery from my childhood trauma using healing and reverse speech techniques .she excells and is unique


Stefania Tschabold

2019-03-21 07:42

Before meeting Ingrid, I was sceptical about spiritual healing. Having experienced the healing power of Ingrid for myself and my son, I have changed my outlook on life in a much more positive manner. She's a truly inspirational healer and an amazing person. If only the world had more Ingrids...



2019-03-21 08:01

Ingrid is a supreme professional, has great compassion for her clients, and is constantly bringing to her work innovative practices.


Beverley Thornton

2019-03-21 08:20

Ingrid is a sincere and inspirational woman.


AJ Grant

2019-03-21 08:25

From the inside to the out Ingrid is a caring, determined, strong empathetic woman. She uses her skillset to benefit and engage with style, individual flair and robust professionalism with all she meets. She is a true woman of worth whose wise counsel, wisdom and warmth is a genuine gift to all. I have pleasure in having seen her careers grow over the last 30 years. A true inspiration to us all.


Alison Roberts

2019-03-21 08:49

Ingrid is passionately committed to people’s well-being it’s what she believes in, and what she does, and what her role in life is all about!


Mia Sampietro

2019-03-21 09:04

Ingrid put me on the spiritual path and is now a beautiful friend. She is an amazing soul, healer for all beings and is one of the cleverest and funny people I have ever met.


Asiya Durrani

2019-03-21 09:16

Ingrid Colins - I have personally received counselling with Ingrid’s skills in healing with emotional support and counselling for direction many years ago. I am successful and secure now however her guidance and skills helped me back in my route over 10 years ago. Results are still following and her words often resonate through my thoughts. Ingrid is qualifies, professional and achieves results this is why she should be nominated for this award


Djurdja Watson

2019-03-21 09:25

Ingrid is brilliant, helped me when I needed the most. Always smiling, always supportive and helpful


Francesca Cassini

2019-03-21 09:30

Because she never stops learning and never stops serving.


Monika Figel

2019-03-21 09:33

Ingrid is the most amazing healing professional with a real gift. She is always for you when you need her. I call her my angel - for me and my cats. She is inspiration for others. I'm glad that I met her. She is very special person.


Hilary Lewin

2019-03-21 09:38

Because she rocks and is an inspiration to women of all ages.


Holly Isaac

2019-03-21 10:27

Ingrid is highly intelligent, compassionate and fabulously funny ! A rare combination in any field, but absolute dynamite when it comes to getting your life back on track, regardless of what has derailed you. Ingrid has the ability to light you up when you feel you will never shine again !


Sharmain Beddoe-Howard

2019-03-21 10:32

She’s dedicated to her practice and those of us in it. Ingrid goes well over the call of duty.


Jolanta Bielawska

2019-03-21 11:01

She is amazing therapist and healer, always happy to help. Empathy and love she gives deserves to be seen



2019-03-21 11:31


Rob Hallett

2019-03-21 14:03

Ingrid is an amazing healer with incredible positivity and joy de vie. A beautiful soul


Edward Hickman

2019-03-21 14:07

Ingrid is a professional, caring, wise and highly approachable person. I’ve been under her guidance for over 2 years and I relish and respect her sessions with me. Long may she reign!


Ellen Currie

2019-03-21 14:44

As someone who has great interest in health and wellness... I follow Ingrid closely and find that she always has pertinent and relevant content to share.. I am impressed by her warmth and authenticity and dedication to her practice...


Cressida Wislocki

2019-03-21 15:03

Because she is absolutely awesome at her job. Full of love and works magic!


Bob Sakoui

2019-03-21 15:09

Ingrid is incredibly in tune with life; She is, in many respects, amazing. A truly gifted and lovely person.


Daniel Field

2019-03-21 15:29

Ingrid has been my go to healer since becoming seriously ill in 1991 Up to then I didn’t think healing was for serious conditions. Ingrid has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about natural health and healing modalities 1990

Barbara Kellermann

2019-03-21 15:48

Faithful. Devoted. Perceptive. Caring. Sense of humour. Talented. Giving. Friends are friends for life.


Vicki Sarge

2019-03-21 16:42

Ingrid has been the person in charge of my well being for more than 2 decades. She has seen me get stronger as time goes on. Originally I could hardly construct a sentence due to a very high stress level in my life which I controlled with drinking heavily. I am now on a healthy life pattern and problem free (well almost)


Eva Allen

2019-03-21 16:56

Ingrid is full of positivity, love and care for all living things. It is a real privilege knowing her and being inspired by her way of life.



2019-03-21 18:05

She is very intuitive and Dedicated healer and psychologist . She helped me when I was in a lot of pain and she stayed with me beyond the call of duty .



2019-03-21 18:10

Ingrid is an amazing and very effective therapist and a healer. She is professional, intuitive and her insights are accurate. Sessions with her result in a great sense of peace of mind, heart and soul. 


Debra Dalton

2019-03-21 18:25

An amazing lady. Always smiling, so knowledgeable and a one-of-a-kind healer/therapist. Much love xx


Nadia Ugobuono

2019-03-21 18:28

Ingrid is a real great person


David Bracher

2019-03-21 20:02

Her work is beyond empowering - Ingrid heals - ingrid cares - ingrid delivers

Linda Kornblum

2019-03-21 20:32

She is an amazing woman, friend and healer.


Verity Wislocki

2019-03-21 20:39

Because she is simply the best.


Sylvia Adler

2019-03-21 22:12

Caring gifted and hard-working lady who motivates others to succeed


Mica Lamb

2019-03-21 22:19

Ingrid truly has a gift for supporting and inspiring people. I speak from personal experience!



2019-03-21 23:15

Dedicated Sincere Supportive to so many


Katie Manderson

2019-03-21 23:26

Ingrid is always there for you physically and emotionally. You might not see her for a while but her energy stays with you. Her strength and love and kindness and knowledge live beyond her physical self. She so deserves this award.


Rebecca Richards

2019-03-21 23:45

Because she is brilliant!



2019-03-22 07:02

Beautiful souls deserve recognition



2019-03-22 08:05

Ingrid is a constant source of inspiration. She is grounded and and giving person. It would be lovely to see her receive something ie this award.


Veronica Biggs

2019-03-22 11:05

Ingrid is an inspirational woman, with so many skills to have who ever crosses her life in need of help and healing. This special woman has so much love to offer! I have been blessed with her presence in my life.



2019-03-22 14:15

Ingrid incorporates all the qualities that are essential not only in her various healing practices but also as a RS teaching student. She makes people feel empowered and heard. The variety of her experience and background also shows great intelligence and an eagerness to 'get the big picture'. All the best Ingrid, I hope you win!


Cigal Kaplan

2019-03-22 15:19

I have knows Ingrid since 2013 as a healer and a friend. I couldn't recommmed her enough. Ingrid is simply the best

Daniel Bidgood

2019-03-22 16:58

She is simply the best


Lisa howells

2019-03-22 20:41

I’ve worked with her for Many years, and she is absolutely brilliant at what she does. A consummate professional but also a humanitarian with a wonderful soul.


Aisha Brown

2019-03-22 21:42

She is an inspiration with her wisdom, knowledge and caring and practical approach. She is a happy kind authentic soul with a lovely smile.


Elizabeth Willer

2019-03-23 00:15

Ingrid is lovingly AWESOME!!!!! Ingrid has an exceptionally brilliant mind and understanding of the human psyche with amazing insight and a truly magical flare for healing on every level! You just have to love her!


Brian Grant

2019-03-23 06:09

I am proud to say Ingrid has been my best friend for something like 55 years. There have been times when I have called upon her to send me healing. She never fails.


Mia Krstic

2019-03-23 07:11

Ingrid is an amazing, most inspirational woman and healer i have ever met. She has the most wonderful energy and goes well beyond her call of duty. A true blessing


Frédérique Lhopiteau

2019-03-23 08:31

Because she changes people’s life and brings the best in them.


Enid Birabwa

2019-03-27 16:21

Ingrid is one of the most welcoming and hard working Women I have met ,she has love for the work she does and expresses the joy it brings her a rare factor . Shes fun and Energetic when speaking with her and overall a Humble Women who deserves our Votes!


Theda Courtney

2019-03-27 16:24

Ingrid is what she does. A very inspirational lady


Jane smyth

2019-03-27 16:35

Ingrid is the ultimate professional. She works with integrity , caring , patience , openness and honesty . Her genuine authenticness , humility , non judgement allows her to tailor her approach to each individual.


Claire Greenway

2019-03-27 18:32

Whether meeting her as a client, friend or colleague, one cannot help but be positively affected and emotionally recharged being in Ingrid’s kind, inspiring company. Her breadth and wealth of knowledge and experience is outstanding.


Steffie Betts

2019-03-27 18:51

Ingrid is passionate about what she does, and is a beautiful, sincere and powerful professional


Gillian Levy

2019-03-27 18:58

I feel very blessed to have met such a kind inspirational and gifted teacher from whom I’ve learned much A special lady Gillian Levy


Kieran Bugler

2019-03-27 19:02

Ingrid is such a knowledgable being who shares her wisdom with considered care and empathy, that is always offered with a loving smile.


Carolyne Hallett

2019-03-27 19:15

She is outstanding in every way


Pamela Mason

2019-03-27 21:59

I have known Ingrid for over 50 years and have always been impressed by her professionalism and her positivity. Her abilities are incredible.


Simon marks

2019-03-27 22:50

Ingrid combines excellence in her field with enormous care for her clients. She deserves recognition.


Lynne Stone

2019-03-28 08:46

Her kindness and sincerity .also her many gifts to enable others to heal and change their lives.



2019-03-28 09:21

Ingrid works in an ego-less state and has compassion that combined with her knowledge can change peoples lives for the better swiftly.



2019-03-28 11:38

She’s a magical soul and incredible healer


Patricia Laventhol

2019-03-28 12:33

Ingrid is a very good friend of my boss so I know her more on a social level but having said that any time I have been a bit down or feeling poorly she has always stepped in freely to help out and magically make me feel better with her healing skills . Ingrid is full of companion and generosity . She is truly the real deal. I sincerely think she deserves this award


Silvana Mendoza

2019-03-28 13:17

Ingrid deserves the award because she is a fantastic professional who transmits her love, good nature and strength to all the people that has the good fortune to meet her!


Vera Montagna

2019-03-28 14:59

Ingrid is a generous, wonderful person and a high standing professional!



2019-03-28 23:08

because I saw Ingrid flying and she makes people happy !


Hanka Trybowska

2019-03-29 23:49

Each and every session with Ingrid has been unusual creative and eye opening experience. Ingrid creates an amazing atmosphere in which  reflective insights do occur very naturally and did help me to discover my ways to deal with challenges or move on towards possibilities which life has on offer. I would love to see lngrid receiving this award!



2019-03-31 11:04

In a world where unfortunately there are a lot of fakes, Ingrid is the real deal.In all the years I have known Ingrid and sent people to her, she has been the embodiment of kindness and compassion, whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism.  Ingrid has brought so much respect and kudos to the industry and deserves the high esteem in which she is held.


David Holmes

2019-03-31 14:03

Ingrid is one of the most sincere people that I have met. She is dedicated to her work, always putting her clients well-being first, working with compassion, consideration and commitment in what-ever she does.

Sheila Holmes

2019-03-31 14:10

Ingrid is one of the most sincere persons that I have met. She is compassionate, wonderfully dedicated to her work, always putting her clients well-being first she truly is a wonderful person, working with consideration and commitment in what-ever she does.


Carolyn Markham

2019-03-31 14:41

Because Ingrid is the most professionally able person qualified to help people on every level. I feel amazing just being in her presence. I hope she wins!


Samar Morgan

2019-03-31 16:52

Ingrid is one of the best professional I ever met. She is an incredible woman with a wonderful energy. She has helped me a lot in the most difficult time of my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has my vote and she deserves to win. A unique professional in this field.


Jane Ellis

2019-03-31 17:11

She’s brilliant !!


Joanne Kendall

2019-03-31 17:33

As a fellow spiritual healer I feel Ingrid would be an ideal candidate in this category. She is very passionate in all that she does.


James Bishop

2019-03-31 17:36

Very friendly whilst remaining professional and always willing to give support when needed.


Valerie Bruce-Smith

2019-03-31 19:13

Intelligence and wisdom are a rare combination. Ingrid has professional skills and spiritual wisdom which are sorely needed to inspire and educate today's society. She is exactly the kind of person needed to educate and move people forward.


Vedant Wood

2019-03-31 22:48

She is a wonderful representative at such a high level for the support of spiritual healing. Highly qualified and obviously so dedicated to healing in all its forms


Susan Scott

2019-03-31 23:29

A wonderful healer and supporter of those she helps


Adrian Bell

2019-04-01 01:38

She helps all those around her. Such an instinct shouldn't be wasted ;-)


Jim Perkins

2019-04-01 10:07

Ingrid is a healer devoted to her vocation in life. I have known both her and her work for a number of years, and I can recommend her to anybody needing treatment.


Fred and Therese Seward

2019-04-01 11:54

We feel it is important to have a Health Representative already passionately involved with Health and Wellbeing in the community. We feel Ingrid Collins would be an excellent candidate having a wide variety of skills, and would make a 'Real' difference in helping bring awareness and a positive approach in 'staying healthy' to the wider community.


Tonie Lambie

2019-04-01 12:02

Ingrid spends her life helping others, using her experience, expertise, training and professionalism. An award such as this is long overdue


Steve Sharpe

2019-04-01 14:42

Ingrid has always shown great fortitude and stamina in promoting the complementary health sector with an abundance of energy rarely seen in this day and age



2019-04-01 15:28

Ingrid is very knowledgable, experienced and capable.


Janet Workman

2019-04-01 20:25

She has huge experience and is a wonderful person


Margaret Swan

2019-04-02 08:37

Ingrid is amazing Her healing & counselling has transformed my life in times when I was physically & mentally at my lowest. She is the kindest person & very gifted & I feel blessed to know her


Sylvia Collicott

2019-04-02 13:28

Ingrid has such especial loving healing skills and advice. I have been going to her for twenty years and have found her healing has sustained me through some rough times. She has developed healing skills to many people over the years ad is a positive force for good.



2019-04-02 20:23

She is dedicated to helping people to heal and build their lives


Lucy Lofting

2019-04-03 12:21

A true professional Ingrid has advanced the cause of holistic medicine at the highest level.


Dina Patel

2019-04-04 08:22

She is always so giving and has an excellent capacity to get to the bottom of health issues applying her extensive skills and knowledge to great effect


Margaret Clough

2019-04-04 19:27

Over many years Ingrid has brought to her clients precious qualities of peace, calm and, healing. Thus enabling those she works with to gain the confidence needed to live their lives to the optimum. By continuing to practice well into her seventies, it is clear that she is truly dedicated to changing the lives of all those she meets by showing her true dedication and genuine care for their future well-being. I have know Ingrid since we were children, and throughout her life she has proved that she is like no other. She is just simply unique!


Tanya Sanderson

2019-04-05 06:00

Ingrid has been loyaly helping me and all my family members through many aspects of some very complex health issues ever since we met her over two years ago. It is a true blessing to have her in our lives. So when my newborn chose to be conceived and now born just this month I named her after our wonderful Ingrid.



2019-04-05 12:10

Because I consider Mrs Ingrid my angel on earth


Bonnie Suchodolski

2019-04-05 12:54

Ingrid walked into my life at a very challenging time. She helped me find and value my own self-worth. An immeasurable and incalculable healing that I will be forever grateful. Ingrid is a strong and wise woman who has a natural ability to unconditionally accept people and provide healing at every level. Being able to guide people back to health and wellness comes as naturally to her as breathing is for the average human and I wholeheartedly support this accolade.


Jonathan Dean

2019-04-05 13:29

Ingrid is an inspiring therapist, educator and healer who has changed many people's lives (including mine) for the better and left a lasting impression!


Rosalie Segal

2019-04-05 13:39

I have known Ingrid for many years and she is a dynamic, inspirational and totally warm-hearted generous spirited woman. She is an amazing healer who has made a tremendous difference to our lives and many others.


C Harris

2019-04-05 16:16

Ingrid’s passion for her work, compassion for her clients and the joy she finds in life radiate out to others.


Denise Bardan

2019-04-05 16:21

Yes, absolutely! Ingrid is a wonderful lady!


Namah Anwar

2019-04-05 19:02

Because she is an amazing person with a beautiful soul.  Ingrid is my healer for many years ,who helped me recover from a serious illness through her healing gifts and counselling . She is passionate about her work and supporting others on their journey.  Great teacher .


Clive Lambie

2019-04-06 08:43

In all of her work, Ingrid provides an inspiring counterbalance to the stress and materialism of modern life


Gladys jaramillo

2019-04-06 14:31

She is a woman who has changed my life favourably, I am very grateful. she is an angel on earth


Francine Benjamin

2019-04-06 17:43

She puts in a lot of time and effort


Sarah Wald

2019-04-06 18:26

Ingrid has such a beautiful and loving soul.


Bea Bradsell

2019-04-07 08:18

Despite working to help so many people she always has time and a kind word for everyone. A pillar of support and strength.



2019-04-07 15:34

She goes the extra mile every time. Nothing too much trouble any time 24/7!!!



2019-04-08 15:03

Ingrid deserves the award because she is a phenomenal healer with an impressive background in several healing modalities, that render her uniquely qualified for treating a broad spectrum of afflictions. On top of all, she's super nice and humble.


Fru Jaggard

2019-04-09 14:11

She’s a brilliant therapist and entrepreneur, spreading and sharing her knowledge. Fru Jaggard


Penelope Brown

2019-04-09 19:12

Ingrid is a consummate professional in all she does and a wonderful human being.


Gina Allam

2019-04-09 20:47

Deserves recognition for sheer dedication.


Mary Delaney

2019-04-12 08:06

Ingrid is one of the most professional, caring practitioners I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I cannot thank her enough.

David Oates

2019-04-13 02:38

She is compassionate skilled counsellor


Maria Grachvogel

2019-04-13 07:11

Ingrid an incredibly gifted, brilliant healer with the most wonderful heart. She has been my healer and friend for many years and I always recommend her to friends in need. She always works with humility, love and care for the individual.


Kathryn Scorza

2019-04-13 08:35

She is inspiring and her optimism helps her clients heal themselves. She is a great channel for healing energy and a tireless campaigner for raising awareness and broadening acceptance of complementary approaches to health.


Stuart Watts

2019-04-13 10:02

When I was not very well a few years ago Ingrid really helped back on track - amazing woman


Michael Delaney

2019-04-13 11:37

Ingrid is a truly wonderful person who always puts other people first.


Paola Hurtado

2019-04-14 10:09

A dedicated and supportive woman. She have an amazing gift... that of healing.



2019-04-18 17:50

Ingrid's experience and expertise are wide-ranging, with each aspect complementing the others: nothing exists in isolation and Ingrid makes those connections which are invisible and unknown to others, to the great benefit of both individuals and organisations, whilst retaining an acute and expressed awareness that we are the vectors for the energies of change and improvement, not their Source.



2019-04-20 15:19

She is magical 👌🌸


Amelia Kinkade

2019-04-23 01:04

Ingrid Collins is one of the most beloved and trusted healers in the UK. She is not only a celebrated author and speaker, her contribution to the revolutionary success of healing taken seriously as a career path is unmatched.


Monique Garforth

2019-04-23 11:24

She's been an inspiration to me personally, as a Woman, a Teacher, and as a Human Being. One of the few genuinely compassionate, non-judgy, loving beings I've had the pleasure to meet.


Pat Wislocki

2019-04-23 17:35

A truly inspirational Woman.


Juan Carlos Lema

2019-04-23 22:33

I met Ingrid 25 years ago and she introduced me to a world beyond my imagination . She is passionate about her work , about healing, about transforming peoples lives, helping them to discover their best selves. Professional yet warm and compassionate to others.


Louisa HELIARD a

2019-04-24 13:48

I trust Ingrid to be part of my health ‘team’ and know that she makes s difference to me and many others. She had s very broad skill set and vast experience


Elissa Vale

2019-04-24 17:16

She helps so many people by everything she does. She is warm and caring and thoroughly deserves this award.


patsy hickman

2019-04-24 19:58

She has provided excellent counselling and healing for my husband which has impacted our family positively


linda crawford

2019-04-24 22:16

Ingrid is an extraordinary healer and teacher. So many owe their transformation to Ingrid


Malkito Acharya

2019-04-25 11:25

Ingrid Collins is a rare healing professional with a real gift. She has inspired me beyond measure.



2019-04-25 12:42

Ingrid is a genuine healer connected to the upliftment of women and people who are growing and need to be unblocked and reconnected to source. She has passion with gentle calm and is a great compassionate force for evolving people in our world.


Karen Garner

2019-04-25 20:55

I love the brightness and positivity that always shines from Ingrid's heart.


Sybil Bergman

2019-04-25 21:28

Ingrid is such a good counsellor, she s very conscientious when dealing with people she's such a giver. A beautiful person inside and out.


Tasha Vieira

2019-04-25 22:03

For her knowledge and understanding and her great contributions to society



2019-04-25 22:06

Ingrid is my real life fairy Godmother! An all-round lovely soul. X


Miriam Roth

2019-04-25 22:31



Dan B

2019-04-25 23:18

Ingrid is just amazing...


Dr TimRidge

2019-04-25 23:53

Ingrid Collins is a shining example of the coming together of science and complementary therapies, which when combined with Reverse Speech Therapy make her a unique Therapist. Her success in Harley Street reflects her merits , and she fully deserves this award as an entrepreneur.


Rachel Silver

2019-04-26 00:08

Because she is fabulous


Christine Byrne

2019-04-26 08:52

Ingrid is one very special, knowledgable and skilled lady who helps all she comes into contact with


Michael Mitchell

2019-04-26 14:01

Ingrid creates a calm healing environment that allows one to transcend the worst excesses of a chemotherapy regime with equanimity.



2019-04-26 17:14

Is the best!



2019-04-26 17:49

Ingrid is a very supportive person. She deserves this more than anything!


Debbie Rye

2019-04-26 18:03

She is a wonderful healer with such a big heart. So compassionate and caring.


Len Rye

2019-04-26 18:10

Ingrid is a brilliant healer and so inspiring to others.


Andrea Swiedler

2019-04-26 18:36

Ingrid is a compassionate and giving person who is able to draw out the best in people, despite their own feelings about themselves. Supportive and kind, she embodies what I think of as a gifted healer.



2019-04-26 18:54

She is the best


Chantal Malan

2019-04-26 19:00

Friend of a friend who comes highly recommended



2019-04-26 19:03

She is awesome!!!


henry a. seigel

2019-04-26 19:36

Because she's compassionate AND passionate about her work.



2019-04-26 22:12

Because Ingrid is an absolute Angel. Her work is incredibly inspiring and everyone who meets her adores her.


Philippa Lakeland

2019-04-27 01:20

Ingrid has calm loving energy She’s the BEST at what she does when you enter her world things are magical and life is clearer she keeps us grounded and is our ROCK . Very professional and talented !!


Aisling Connaughton

2019-04-27 09:40

Ingrid is an intuitive healer who I have know for over a decade. I am very happy she has been shortlisted and I feel she deserves recognition for work


Val Yates

2019-04-27 11:41

Ingrid is a truly inspirational teacher and mentor. Her healing powers are extraordinary. I go to her when I need advice, comfort and professional or personal support.



2019-04-27 17:15

An Angel perfect at her trade the best



2019-04-27 17:22

She has the biggest heart.



2019-04-28 00:56

Ingrid is an amazingly warm and caring person with highly developed healing skills, as I can personally attest. Her treatment was a most significant factor in my recovery from cancer, one of the tumours baffling the doctors by disappearing before I had even started chemotherapy.


John isaac

2019-04-28 12:09

Ingrid is astute in the way she observes and listens to her clients she just beams positive light from her being and most importantly has a wicked sense of humour x


Leila kurdash

2019-04-28 16:42

I have known ingrid ever since I was a little girl. She is a soul saver, she is magic. She is very professional and every day she is helping people and putting nothing but love and good vibrations into any person or situations she may encounter. Her energy lights up any dark room. A gift from heaven



2019-04-28 17:03

An amazing and kind hearted lady, always thinking about others and putting others first!!


Chloe turner

2019-04-28 17:33

I have heard nothing but amazing things.



2019-04-28 17:58

She’s the best around no ones ever gonna bring her down



2019-04-28 18:02

She’s amazing



2019-04-28 18:10

Amazing person, beautiful soul and has helped many.


David Mason

2019-04-28 18:15

She doesn't just sit in an office but uses her skills to great effect in a wide range of situations, going out to different locations around the world to heal, working with clients in her own home and at her Harley Street practice.



2019-04-28 18:25

Because she is absolutely the best at her job. Full of love and works magic!



2019-04-28 18:26

She is amazing.



2019-04-28 18:29

She is an amazing, kind woman who deserves it !


Angela Kurdash

2019-04-28 18:39

Ingrid Collins is an Exceptional Healer , there are Many words that come to Mind when I hear Ingrid’s name in high circles whether it be in London or Paris I just smile to myself ,Inspirational, dedicated to her clients ,professional ,gifted Caring , Warm , Real, & down to Earth with a gentle warm Smile & a Great sense of Humour ,Ingrid has a very Special Gift & she uses this Wisely .Highly intelligent spiritual & sincere dedicated to serving others a woman with Great power behind her ! Ingrid deserves this Award to the Moon and back, I am blessed to know her to have been healed by her, been taught by her, & seen some of the most amazing healing to which she has opened my eyes to advance spiritual healing when she performed a psychic surgery on our cat in front of the Vets at the Animal hospital who were All completely perplexed when our cat made a full miracle recovery the very next next Day. She is truly Magic & a light worker.  The World needs more Ingrids to help Heal our Planet.she never ceases to Amaze me , is not driven by Ego & can really help you to reconnect with your self when you have lost your way or are simply off your path.



2019-04-28 18:50

She’s amazing


Timm young

2019-04-28 18:54

She is awesome


Sue Newte

2019-04-28 19:01

She is a good energy practitioner so I do hope she wins the award


Kate Doyle

2019-04-28 20:57

Ingrid is such an inspirational and intuitive healer and therapist. She has no ‘blind spots ‘. She is warm, charming and easy to communicate with but so skilled at what she does, her approach is so understated but incredibly effective and therapeutic.


Rosario Malca

2019-04-29 05:19

She is an excellent healer She share her knowledge with extreme generosity


Michael M Carr

2019-04-29 17:07

Ingrid has led the creativity in training students in alternative healing arts .



2019-04-30 03:01


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