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Here are some videos I'd like to share with you.

Some are funny, some very moving, and some are personal.

A street cat called Bob

I have seen this beautiful cat riding on his human friend's shoulders in Covent Garden.  He is magnificent!

​Bruce Lipton

Professor Lipton is a pioneer (working in the USA, along with Professor Marilyn Monk​​ here in the UK) of the amazing new area of biology called epigenetics.  Here he explains it clearly.

​Ronnie Butler is brilliant

I would vote for him!

My third appearance on David Oates' Radio Show.

My dear friend David Oates, Founder of Reverse Speech, invites me to guest on his show for the third time.  First hour we hear reversals of British politicians, second hour we talk about successes with clients who work with me with Reverse Speech.

An Introduction to Soul Therapy.
A few years ago I gave a workshop at a British Psychological Society conference about our work.  I was a couple of stone heavier then, I had the flu, and my roots needed colouring, but the show must go on....

A young child addresses the Rio Summit on Climate.

Eloquent and very moving.

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